Don’t Be A Gold Digga, Damn It!!


Hello my darling dears –

A pretty young lady was on the bus today talking loudly about what her man do for her. She says to her friend “girl, he gets my hair done, my nails done every thing did! He makes me keep these lashes fresh too cause he love him some long sexy eye lashes. Girl, he love me looking good, he love me looking sexy all the time!”

Now, y’all know me. Mimi don’t like to be in nobody’s business without being asked to do so. I didn’t mean no harm, but chile I musta been rolling my eyes and showing all kinds of disturbed body language because she turns right to me directly and say, “Miss Mimi, ain’t that how a man show he love you?”

Babies, I liked to fell right outta my seat!! “HELL NO!”  I say, that there ain’t nothing like no love. That sound like he trying to pay you off, buy you like a common hooker.

Ask yourself, why he feel like he got to do all that to make YOU look good to him? – aint you looking good already? Or do you let yourself go around looking so bad that he feel like he got to fix you up to be seen with you? He want you looking sexy with long eye lashes and all that so you’ll owe him!

Anyway, your own personal hygiene is your damn JOB! Ain’t no man supposed to get your hair and nails done for you, he might as well wash your ass for you! Hahh!! Am I right?

Take care of your own self baby and you will soon discover your own self worth. You’ll be really proud of your beautiful new hair do and how much YOU paid for it with your OWN money. Be ambitious, find something that you love to do and make your own money and your own accomplishments.

Ain’t a damn thing free in life but love and it don’t take nothing but being yourself and loving your own self to get it from anyone that’s worth it.

Love an hugs until the next time –


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  1. I probably think like the middle age lady that I am who’s mother and sister’s taught her to be independant. Love yourself first

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