Bum Ass Men!


Good morning darling dears –

I have to tell it like it is. There are some bum ass men out there too!

I know I spoke on gold digging women the other day. But today I got to talk on the men.

Let me tell you something. Don’t no woman that has self-worth really have any respect for a grown man that she has to keep. Ok, well some women’s like them ladies on Sex In the City got so much money that they can buy whatever they want and they could buy them some sex if they want I suppose. They buys them some gigolo’s when they want to.  Gigolo’s, dildos it’s all the same thing. Mimi ain’t mad at em’.

I’m talking about regular hard working women that have good respectable jobs, that have scrimped and sacrificed to make ends meet. These ladies work hard for their money and don’t make much for all that they do on the job.

There was an nice quiet woman that lived across the hall from me. She must have been pretty young. She had a small child and one of her children was already  near grown and out of the house. This lady bought everything for her man out of her small paycheck. His drawers, haircut, cigarettes, beer, everything! And she paid all the bills and the rent for her small apartment.

He had either just got out the penitentiary or was just plain old trifling  whichever way it was  he was a lazy ass bum! He lounged around all day and all night long while she worked like a dog. He got up off his ass and walked her to the bus on pay day though. Grinning and talking all loud and soon as she got off work on pay day he was right there at the bus stop waiting on her too!

Women, if your husband has been in an accident or is disabled and needs your help, I am not talking to you. I’m talking about these full grown, able bodied men that lay up on women for no reason except they are trifling;  talking every day about there ain’t no kind of jobs that will pay him what he worth or its too cold to work or its too hot to work, all that gimme gimme bull shit! Haaah! I’d like to take my cane upside his raggedy head.

Ladies, get rid of that that  lazy, no good, bum ass man – he’s not worth it! Start saving your money to take yourself on a lovely cruise vacation! You’ll feel much better and you might meet someone nice.

Men get off your lazy ass and get a job, any kind of job.  Get yourself a place to stay with your own name on the paperwork because you pay the bill damn it! Stop this running from woman to woman laying  up and taking  advantage. Think about it this way. Do you want to wake up one day and realize you are 40 some years old and don’t have a damn thing to show for all the time you have been on this earth?

If you don’t give anything, you won’t get anything and you’re sure to wind up not ever having anything.

Love and hugs until next time –


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  1. You gotta be kidding me I see this mess all the time I am not taking care of no grown man period. You are not that hot in the pants that you have to resort to taking care of some man… and most of the time while your out there working he is driving your car picking up other chicks so just in case you figure out that you can do bad all by your self and still have some money in the back he got a a go to girl that will do just what you where doing. STOP The Madness.

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