Successful People


All successful people hang around together. They use the Face Book and the Twitter and even got me to using it! Now a days it’s called networking and marketing. I thought I’d never live to see the day of this much technologies.

Successful people are positive thinkers and have lots of hustle in them! That’s what old folks call ambition and industrious!I love to see young people out there taking care of their business and finding creative ways of making money other than selling that mess.

Now I have to say that most successful people have a back story. It is usually that they come from some very hard times before they reach success.

Many young people today have no parents or older mentor because the crack head  generation that are in their forties have let the young folks down. Don’t get me wrong I know plenty of folks that have been clean and sober one day at at a time! Some have even made amends with their children and are encouraging them in their careers.

But this is not for you all, this is for the young folks that don’t have anyone at all to tell them that they are doing good.

You need to know that your story makes you unique, strong like a tree that withstands a hurricane and makes you who you are! The more hardships you overcome the more strong and powerful you will be! Sure you will feel down some days, hungry and cold some nights but don’t ever give up. Keep your head held high with pride because you have the guts and gumption to make it. Stay on your grind, invest and save your money you will really have something to show for it before you know it.  Believe me, your Mimi, will never steer you wrong.

Love and hugs until next time –


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  1. Sound advise:) Mimi
    be like a tree planted by a river growing, producing good fruit in spite of adversity or a ruff start.

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